Multimedia & Digital Call Recording

Maximize Operational Efficiency with Call Recording

Recording calls and screen activities in contact centers allow you to analyze interactions and verify transactions, which are crucial to complaint investigations and risk management. Gradient digital call recording solutions lets you record, analyze and archive calls across multiple multimedia channels while meeting compliance standards.

If you have more than one location, you can use our software to centralize your communications recording, data storage and archiving processes.

Benefits of call recording:

  • Access full-length audio and screen recordings, from IVR to agent interactions.
  • Retain up to 20 years of voice recordings, with easy to search options.
  • Enhance customer support practices and employee performance.
  • Verify sales orders and handle disputes via recorded transactions.
  • Develop benchmarks for increasing agent skills according to interaction type.

Gradient multimedia and call recording software seamlessly integrates into any virtual environment.

System Highlights

  • Multimedia recording for calls, web chats, faxes, and emails.
  • Playback of audio and screen recordings, such as work that does not involve customer interaction – for example,claims processing and research.
  • One simplified interface for organizing various policies, such as what type of interactions can be stored, where they should be stored, and who can access them.


  • Full-screen Recording from the Time the Call Connects to When It Hangs Up
  • Audio and Screen Tagging with Time Stamps
  • Fully Searchable with ANI, DNIS, Name, Tag, etc.
  • Filtered Backups
  • Audio can be Converted to MP3 or WAV Formats
  • Exports to All Other Formats
  • Compressed Archiving
  • Scheduled Archiving and Retrieval
  • Speech Analytics
  • Phoneme-based Speech Search
  • Compressed Audio and Video
  • High-density Archiving System with Tape and DVD Backup